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Which Tech PR agency of Paris for your branch or company in France?

The producing of annual report of a Tech company without a PR agency in Paris may be quite difficult if your firm or branch is based in this city or in France. Cap & Cime PR is a communication agency that can take over the edition of the annual activity report of your company in France.

What is the use of an annual activity report?

The annual activity report is a document presenting the realizations and the balance sheets of the company during one year of exercise in an exhaustive way. It is published in several copies and is intended for the members of the board, for the financial partners and for the investors. Considering the complexity of the realization and the distribution of the documents, it is recommended to call on a Tech PR agency of Paris to take over its creation and diffusion.

The annual report is a compulsory document. It should not be considered as simple information mean to summarize or bring precision concerning activities and concerning the financial situation of the company. The annual report is an institutional real communications tool. Structured well and suitably drafted, it tends to create a relationship of trust and to give positive image to business partners, to shareholders as well as to customers.

The stakes of a well-conceived annual activity report

Actually, the annual activity report must allow the delivering of effectively relevant information to the target public. Furthermore, it is essential to adopt a subtle enough editorial method to try to seduce and to convince the readers. So, avoid at all costs transforming this document into support of publicity at the risk of discrediting the company. However, to deal with all of the data accumulated over a whole year of activities, to sort out them and to put them in page is a task that is as very time-consuming as boring.

Entrusting a Tech PR agency of Paris the production of your annual activity report of your branch or company in Paris or France is the best way to insure its quality. As it remains a decision-making tool, its writing must be left to a specialist. You just have to give him all the information which has to appear in the report. This professional will produce the documents, caring to guarantee a well-kept, clear and concise presentation. The document will be handed to you in digital format, on paper, or both, according to your wishes. You will be naturally consulted if necessary. It will allow the agency to encircle all requirements.

Cap & Cime PR, your best ally for your annual activity report

Cap & Cime PR is an agency specialized in communication, in advertising and in public relations. For the design, the publication or still the edition of the annual activity report of your Tech company, our PR agency in Paris can be your best partner. Our team of editorial communication is specialized in numerous domains (Tech, lifestyle, food …). It remains entirely at your disposal for and publishing your annual report. We propose you a well-kept work in order to establish and maintain a good image of your company with your partners and investors.

Our know-how recognized for more than 20 years allow us to bring your projects to a successful conclusion and guarantee quality services. Affiliated to the American group Waggener Edstrom, we can meet the needs of companies in France as on the international stage.


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