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Public relations agency supporting firms in the sustainable development industry based in France

Nobody could fail to notice the way that green issues, climate change and carbon emissions have become a central issue in our everyday lives. Topics like carbon footprint, recycling and sustainable development have moved from the margins onto centre stage. This brings both challenges and opportunities to business. There are now many more regulations to meet and your customers will now judge your performance in sustainable development just as much as they do the quality of your goods and services. As an agency specialising in sustainable development industry public relations in France, we know just how important it is to communicate the right messages to your audience.

Managing your sustainable development industry public relations in France

At Cap & Cime we have assembled a team of more than 15 consultants with the right blend of experience and expertise to professionally manage your sustainable development industry public relations in France. We will work with you to develop a tailored PR strategy that will deliver your goals in this area. To better monitor our progress we will agree a set of measurable and pragmatic objectives at each stage of the process. We will then manage your messaging to all stakeholders, to ensure that a positive, relevant and consistent message is delivered to customers, staff, regulatory bodies and business partners.

Sharing your success with sustainable development industry public relations in France

We will work with you to ensure that you have a suitable profile across all the relevant media, share information about your activities and celebrate your successes. Good sustainable development industry public relations in France means communicating openly and regularly with all interested parties and we will make sure that your message reaches this audience. We will be there alongside you to manage the news agenda concerning your organisation and respond to challenges as they arise.

Crisis management and sustainable development industry public relations in France

This is a complex arena and despite all best efforts it is quite possible that your organisation will experience issues with potentially damaging outcomes. It is our role as your partner in sustainable development industry public relations in France to manage those risks. Our work here starts long before any issues arises, completing a risk analysis and preparing strategies for possible problems. In this way we can proactively drive the news agenda and ensure that the matter is concluded without harm to your brand reputation.

Cap & Cime PR is a major French communication consulting agency which team is composed of about 15 public relations experts. Cap & Cime PR’s service offer to companies and public institutions offers a complete selection of services such as media coverage management, coordination with, institutions, consumers, trading partners and workforce, to promoting products and activities as well as managing crisis. Cap & Cime PR has 20 years history in public relations sector use technological innovations as effective tools to turn customers objectives into meaningful communication plan.


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