Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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The current media landscape has created many opportunities and challenges for business. The digital and satellite revolution means that there are now more news channels than ever before, with 24 hour coverage being the norm. Print media is now joined by a huge online news industry, where stories are published worldwide in an instant. Social media can then take these stories and share them, multiplying the audience in seconds. As a leading company offering PR services in Paris, we at Cap & Cime understand the threats and opportunities this brings. The media is now hungry for content and getting your message in front of your consumers has never been easier. On the other hand, you must now manage your reputation even more carefully, with a voracious media ready to leap on any story.

Our experience delivering PR services in Paris

At Cap & Cime we have honed our offering in PR services in Paris over 20 years of operations. In this time we have assembled a fantastic team of over 15 consultants, each with outstanding credentials and real industry expertise. Our size is ideal for our clients, making us large enough to easily cope with complex projects but small enough to quickly respond to our clients' requirements.

Delivering our PR services in Paris

At Cap & Cime we will work with you to devise and deliver a PR strategy specifically designed to meet your objectives. Over the years we have built up many close relationships with journalists and key media outlets and we will utilise these as we shape your profile in your chosen media. We will also work with you to ensure all communications are properly managed. We will shape your messaging to all audiences, including customers, staff, business partners and industry bodies, ensuring each communication is positive, consistent and on-brand. As we deliver your PR services in Paris we will include pragmatic and measurable targets, to ensure your objectives are met.

Crisis management PR services in Paris

It is unlikely that any organisation experiences a completely trouble-free existence and to this end our PR services in Paris include a professional crisis management team. This team will carry our a risk analysis of your business in order to identify any areas of potential difficulty. They will then design strategies, ready to be deployed in the event of any issues arising. In this way we will be proactive in managing your brand and protecting your reputation.

Cap & Cime PR has built years of expertise in public relations sector take full advantage of the potential of modern technologies to provide customers with innovative PR solutions that match their objectives. Cap & Cime PR can respond to the problems of companies and public institutions by providing a wide variety of services : deal with media, private and corporate customers, commercial partners and workforce, to promoting products and activities as well as managing crisis. Cap & Cime PR is a leading communication consulting agency based in France which team includes about 15 public relations experts.


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