Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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In recent years, media outlets have multiplied and created whole new classes of communication. Websites now deliver news instantly, accessible all over the world. Digital TV, meanwhile, has seen the rise of 24 hour news channels. These media channels are hungry for content and news and this means that telling your story to your audience is easier and faster than ever before. As a leading Paris PR firm, we also know that this new landscape can bring threats, with multiple channels being much harder to control and negative stories being able to proliferate online in seconds. It is more important then than ever before to ensure that your brand is properly represented.

Our profile as a leading Paris PR firm

At Cap & Cime we have assembled a team of more than 15 consultants, some with more than 20 years' experience in the field. Each has specific industry expertise and extends the team's knowledge across many sectors. As a leading Paris PR firm we have been fortunate to build up an impressive roster of clients, reflecting our success in providing excellent PR services. Our size is also an asset. We are small enough to be responsive to our clients and nimble in adjusting to change. At the same time we have the resources to cope with major, complex projects.

Working with Cap & Cime as your Paris PR firm

At Cap & Cime we will work with you to create and deploy a PR strategy tailored to your specific requirements. During our time as a top Paris PR firm we have developed close working relationships with many key journalists and media titles and we will use these as we build your profile. We will shape your messaging for all audiences, including customers, business partners and staff; ensuring all communications are on-brand and positive. We also believe in measuring success and we will include regular milestones throughout our strategy to track our results.

The benefits of a professional Paris PR firm

Managing your reputation is vital to your company's success and as a top Paris PR firm, we at Cap & Cime are ideally placed to build your brand. We also know that things do not always run smoothly and we will conduct a risk analysis of your business to identify areas of potential difficulty. We will then design strategies to address such problems, ready should any issues occur. We are thus perfectly positioned to drive the news agenda and protect your reputation.

Cap & Cime PR is a leading communication consulting agency based in France ; its team includes about 15 public relations experts. Drawing on 20 years activities in public relations field, Cap & Cime PR make use of the opportunities offered by technological innovations to turn customers targets into effective communication plan. Cap & Cime PR can tackle the problems of companies and public institutions by providing a full service range such as media coverage management, coordination with, trading partners and employees, institutions, consumers, to promoting products and activities as well as managing crisis.


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