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The media has undergone a dramatic change in the past few decades. Not long ago an organisation had to deal with a couple of TV stations, a few local and national newspapers and some radio channels. This is no longer the case and any French press relations agency must deal with a completely different landscape. Television has changed beyond all recognition. Digital broadcasting has resulted in an explosion of TV channels. This has also led to a crucial change in the way news is reported. News channels are now broadcasting 24 hours a day and that makes them hungry for items to fill their schedules.

The French press relations agency in the new media landscape

Digital has also come to radio with similar effects but perhaps the greatest change has occurred in online media. Here we have seen many new news outlets appear. Some are the online versions of TV or print media and some are dedicated online businesses. These new outlets have been joined by online social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and this means that any story can be shared worldwide instantly. It also means that your French press relations agency faces new challenges.

Meeting new challenges with your French press relations agency

Stories about your organisation can now 'go viral' on the Internet in a matter of moments. This means that your French press relations agency must be expert in dealing with this new medium. This can be a challenge in terms of crisis management but it can also represent a fantastic opportunity. With so many media channels, it is now easier before to get your message heard but it is also vital to make sure that it is the right message. At Cap & Cime we are expert in honing such messages.

Choosing Cap & Cime as your French press relations agency

At Cap & Cime we will work with you to develop and implement a coherent and comprehensive PR strategy, which takes advantage of this new media landscape. As your French press relations agency we will ensure you have the right profile across all media channels and that your messaging is consistent and builds your brand presence. We will promote your activities and share your successes, ensuring that your customers hear about your triumphs. We are also there to manage any crisis that might occur and with Cap & Cime on your team you can be sure that your brand is in the best hands.

Cap & Cime PR is able to meet the needs of the problems of companies and public institutions through a wide variety of services among which media coverage management, coordination with, trading partners and workforce, institutions, consumers, promote products and activities and manage crisis. Cap & Cime PR has 20 years history in public relations sector is able to use up-to-date technologies as effective tools to provide customers with innovative PR solutions that match their goals. Cap & Cime PR is a recognized French communication consulting agency with approximately fifteen trained public relations professionals. Cap & Cime PR experts combine mastery of influence and other business specific requirements to support clients from such varied fields as services and finance, industry and energy, art of living and mass consumption, new technology and innovation.


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