Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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Independant French PR agency

All businesses should be aware of the importance of professional public relations. It can be difficult though to select the right agency to represent your brand, perhaps even more so if you are just launching your business in France and are new to the country's commercial environment. There are many large, even multinational, PR companies to consider but can you be sure that your company would receive the right level of attention? Many companies find that their account with the larger firms is handled by more junior members of staff, something that might not always bring the desired results. Cap & Cime is a French independent PR agency, which might just have the perfect balance of expertise and resources to represent your organization in France.

Choosing a French independent PR agency

Large PR companies might not commit the right level of resources to represent your business properly but smaller outfits might not have these resources at all. At Cap & Cime we believe we have the perfect balance to offer our clients both personal and professional service. As a leading French independent PR agency, we have over 15 consultants on our team. Some boast over 20 years of experience and have deep industry expertise that is invaluable to our clients.

Cap & Cime as your French independent PR agency

At Cap & Cime we will work with you to develop and implement a PR strategy specifically tailored to your company. We believe in measuring what we do and we will put in place pragmatic and objective targets to monitor our success. We will help you select your key media and then work to ensure you have a prominent profile with these channels. As your French independent PR agency we will also ensure that your messaging is relevant, compelling and consistent, whether it is focused on customers, business partners, industry bodies or your own team.

The benefit of a French independent PR agency

At Cap & Cime we believe that we have the perfect balance of resources, experience and expertise to make us your perfect French independent PR agency. Our team is large enough and has the range of expertise necessary to ensure the most professional representation for your company. We are also small enough to care deeply about your business and you can be sure you can always access senior members of the team. With offices in Paris and Shanghai, we bring an international perspective and our multilingual team can assist you across many languages and borders.

Both private companies and public institutions can contact Cap & Cime PR for a broad service range : deal with media, institutions, consumers, trading partners and staff, to promoting products and activities as well as managing crisis. Cap & Cime PR is a reference among French communication consulting firms employing about 15 public relations experts. Thanks to 20 years of experience in public relations business, Cap & Cime PR has kept up with technological progress to put in place a communication strategy that brings results.


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