Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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French corporate public relations agency

Public relations are included within the basements of the reputation of legal entities and public figures. Building the reputation of companies and institutions and taking care of it in order to always give the best image of them to the public and their collaborators is so a necessity for them. Actually, the fame and the image a company gives to the public and to its different interlocutor can be used as a lever for its development.

That is why firm managers and companies’ communications managers should have a well-conceived public relations strategy. As an experienced French corporate public relations agency, Cap & Cime PR is fully aware of the stakes of reputation for companies, not only for their fame, but also for the optimization of their results.

The reasons why you can trust us as a French corporate public relations agency

Cap & Cime PR is an independent medium-sized French corporate public relations agency. We have at least 15 consultants, each one having been chosen for his/her expertise in a specific domain. Our consultants also have about 20 years of experience in their area of competence.

The fact that we are quite small is an asset for us as we can be very responsive and reactive. Nevertheless our field of expertise and our mastering of the constraints of corporate public relations make us able to take over complex projects: building a crisis communication strategy, conceiving and implementing public relations campaign, etc.

Why to choose us as your French corporate public relations agency?

As your French corporate public relations agency, we will do our best for providing you services that will perfectly meet your needs and expectations. According to those latter we will deploy a public relations strategy that will help you to reach your aims whether it is for establishing, gaining, maintaining or recovering your reputation.

We can implement solutions to optimize your relationship with key specialized journalists and thought leaders. The management of your corporate public relations will be entrusted to professionals who will make sure that the messages delivered to the public and your interlocutors is as on-brand as positive in order to guarantee the success of your public relation campaign.

Corporate crisis management by a French corporate public relations agency

Our numerous years of experience as French corporate public relations agency have brought us to conclude that one day or another, companies and institutions have to pass through hard times that will tarnish their reputation. So, it is essential for those latter to be prepared to those situations.

Our consultants can lead analysis of the cases and potential difficulties that your company may have to face according to your field of competences, your core activities and the environment within in your company evolves. Then they will conceive and implement solutions in order to prevent or counteract the appearance of the risks.

In case of real crisis for which you need external expertise for handling it, we can grasp the nettle and conceive tailored solutions for protecting your image with the public, the press and media and with the thought leaders, but also for ensuring the integrity of your reputation.


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