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Public relations agency specializing in food and beverage based in France

The food and drink industry in France is both vast and prestigious. No other country in the world is more closely associated with high quality cuisine and beverages. French wine is rightly famed for its quality and the country also boasts some of the best known names in spirits and beer. French bottled water brands also dominate their market. French cooking is lauded the world over and has influenced chefs everywhere. Many international food brands, meanwhile, are based in France. It is a crowded and competitive market and at Cap & Cime we understand the importance of professional food and beverage public relations in France. To this end we have assembled an expert team with ample experience to properly represent your brand.

Our approach to food and beverage public relations in France

At Cap & Cime we have developed a tried, tested and successful methodology for representing your food and beverage brand. We believe that our success should be objective and to this end we agree with you a set of pragmatic and measurable objectives for your brand. As experts in food and beverage public relations in France we will also ensure that you have a distinctive presence on the appropriate media, with consistent messaging across all channels.

Professional food and beverage public relations in France

Our messaging strategies will encompass all audiences including customers, industry journalists, professional bodies, business partners and even your own team. As experienced practitioners in food and beverage public relations in France, we know that things sometimes go wrong. We are dealing with products that people eat and drink and also with a diverse and demanding consumer base. We are also dealing with sometimes complex manufacturing and distribution processes, so it is no surprise that a crisis can occur. When it does we are on hand to manage the situation, ensure a successful outcome and protect your brand reputation.

Choosing Cap & Cime as your partner in food and beverage public relations in France

At Cap & Cime we have more than 20 years of experience in food and beverage public relations in France. This pedigree means that we have established important relationships with industry journalists and media outlets. We also work in partnership with some of the industry's most renowned professionals. Having successfully represented many clients across the food and drink industry in France, we know what it takes to develop a successful PR strategy for your brand.

Cap & Cime PR can meet the needs of the problems of companies and public institutions by providing a broad range of services : coordinate and deal with, individual and corporate customers, trading partners and employees, products and activities promotion along with crisis management. Cap & Cime PR is a leading communication consulting firm based in France with approximately fifteen public relations experts. Created 20 years ago, Cap & Cime PR has forged a strong reputation in public relations business and therefore has kept up with technological innovations to provide customers with fully integrated PR services that match their objectives. Cap & Cime PR dedicates communications experts in such varied areas as art of living and mass consumption, services and finance, new technology and innovation, industry and energy.


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