Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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Which digital PR specialist in Paris to call on?

A digital PR specialist in Paris can help you for the creation and the piloting of the communication strategy of your firm in France. If you want to optimize your relation presses and presswork, you can call on Cap & Cime PR agency that proposes tailored services to foreign companies who want to conceive and maintain their image in France or Paris.

Digital PR communication via the Internet

With the help of a digital PR specialist from Paris, optimizing your public relation and external communication in France will be easier. The evolution of internet made this tool one of the means that is now mostly used by professionals and companies for their communication and public relation strategy. The possibilities offered by the web go from the business communication (sending and receiving files and documents for commercial or financial operation, newsletters or administrative correspondence, etc.), to online publicity and marketing.

Virtual press and media are also two communication channels that must not be neglected as they can be used to improve the image of the company and its products or services. They are also very useful as their effects of internet users can be rapidly felt in case of problems. It is therefore recommended to choose well the professional of digital PR whom you call on, as Internet can be your best allies or you worst enemy.

Internet relation presses, digital technology at the service of your fame

Thanks to Internet, corporate press relations and presswork entered in a new dimension with more and more opportunities when they are well managed. As Internet do not take in account frontiers and as the new digital communication technologies offers many advantages and possibilities, a good digital communication strategy cannot fail.

With the revolution of the Internet and the emergency of the 2.0 web (social network, consumers opinions, blogs, etc.), we are currently witnessing the continuous acceleration of information, coupled with the development of many sources of content and with the appearance of new thought leaders and intellectuals. Integrated within the digital strategy, the relation presses and the presswork have to use new media as levers for their long-lasting increase of the fame and the control of the image.

That obliges professionals and companies to renew their communication strategy and to opt for more creative PR campaigns. For doing so for your company based in France, you may need the expertise of a digital PR specialist from Paris to help you.

Cap & Cime PR expertise in corporate press and public relation via Internet

With its 20 years of experience and an efficient team that has creative and reactive team, Cap & Cime PR agency has all the necessary assets to be a digital PR specialist from Paris. Our agency has adapted its methods of work to the evolution of the digital era, without neglecting the basis of the value and the philosophy that have always made its added-value: total commitment with the customers, personalized service according to the business sector and the problems businesses, anticipation of expectations, etc.

To build an effective digital strategy, Cap & Cime PR spreads a range of custom-made tools, in sync with your needs and the specific uses to the Internet users: design of web sites, realization of podcasts, management of the electronic reputation (e-reputation) and the electronic influence (e-influence) organized by strategies of on-line presence, edition and management of Internet contents.


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