Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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Digital specialist PR agency in France

Digital media has changed the very nature of PR. Where before a company's reputation was managed via a few TV stations and some national and specialist press, there is now a plethora of media channels to consider. The way that these online channels behave is also fundamentally different. Websites publish news 24 hours a day and it is instantly available to a worldwide audience. With the low cost of online publishing a huge number of specialist sites have appeared, covering every niche imaginable. As a digital PR specialist in France it is our role to ensure that we manage our clients' reputation in this environment and that they fully exploit the opportunities it brings.

Our background as a digital PR specialist in France

Our work in the digital sector is based on solid foundations. Ar Cap & Cime we have a team of some 15 consultants, some with more than 20 years' industry experience. Each has been hand-picked for their specific sector expertise, which extends our reach across many industries. As a digital PR specialist in France, we are mid-sized, being both small enough to be responsive and nimble, and large enough to deliver major projects. Our work encompasses all aspects of digital PR.

Our services as a digital PR specialist in France

At Cap & Cime our work commences by carrying out a benchmark exercise, identifying what your online presence looks like now and how you would like to see it develop. As your digital PR specialist in France, we will then devise a strategy to achieve these goals. Our areas of competence include practical services such as website design and podcast production. We also offer content management and ongoing editorial services for your web communications. Our work continues as we protect and enhance your e-reputation and work to extend your e-influence with customers and stakeholders.

Online crisis management from your digital PR specialist in France

It is our experience that even the most careful organisations face difficulties from time to time that can result in negative online coverage. It is the nature of this media that stories can reach a worldwide audience instantly and as your digital PR specialist in France, we must be prepared. To this end we carry out a risk analysis of your business, identify problematic areas and create strategies to deal with them. In the event of a crisis we can then move immediately to control the agenda and protect your reputation.

Cap & Cime PR is a leading French communication consulting firm with approximately fifteen experienced public relations professionals. With 20 years activities in public relations business, Cap & Cime PR is able to use technological innovations as effective tools to develop and implement a communication plan that works. Both private companies and public institutions can trust Cap & Cime PR for a broad selection of services for example media relations management, coordination with, business partners and staff, institutions, consumers, to promoting products and activities as well as managing crisis. At Cap & Cime PR, you will be in touch with communications experts in several markets: services and finance, industry and energy, new technology and innovation, art of living and mass market.


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