Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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The Internet has created many new opportunities for businesses and sometimes created entirely new businesses from scratch. As a communication medium it has redefined how people interact with each other, how they buy products and conduct their business and how they expect to interact with companies and organisations. As a digital PR expert in Paris, Cap & Cime is excited about the opportunities this presents for our clients and we are determined to ensure that each one fully exploits online media. Almost all companies now have websites but some are actively engaging with their online audience, using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to make announcements, have a dialogue with customers and address issues.

Our background as your digital PR expert in Paris

We are passionate about online brand management but our work as your digital PR expert in Paris also has solid foundations in traditional media. We have built a team of more than 15 consultants, some with over 20 years' experience and all hand-picked for their specific sector experience, which extends our reach into many different areas of business. It is important to move quickly in the online world and our size means that we are nimble and can respond quickly to changing client needs. At the same time, we have the resources to deliver major projects.

Our work as your digital PR expert in Paris

We offer a full range of digital services, from practical help to strategic assistance. Our work often commences with a benchmarking exercise to assess your current online presence. We then agree where you want to get to and put in place a digital strategy to ensure you get there. Our work as your digital PR expert in Paris can encompass web design, podcast production, editorial services and content management. Strategically, we will also work to build on your e-reputation and extend your e-influence in your chosen sector.

Crisis management from your digital PR expert in Paris

Our experience tells us that from time to time most clients will experience difficulties that can result in negative online coverage. That is why we prepare by conducting a risk assessment of your business to identify any problem areas. We then design strategies that can be deployed in the event of an incident. In this way we are ready to instantly respond to a crisis and drive the news agenda. As your digital PR expert in Paris, we are ready to build and protect your brand online.

With 20 years of experience in public relations field, Cap & Cime PR is able to use up-to-date technologies as effective tools to provide customers with innovative PR solutions and help them achieve the toughest objectives. Both private companies and public institutions can contact Cap & Cime PR for a broad selection of services : coordinate and deal with, business partners and workforce, institutions, consumers, to promoting products and activities as well as managing crisis. Cap & Cime PR is a major French communication consulting firm employing about 15 public relations experts. Our team members couple mastery of influence and other business specific needs to accompany customers from most markets: industry and energy, new technology and innovation, art of living and mass consumption, services and finance.


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