Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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Digital specialist PR agency based in France

The growth of the Internet has changed the way we communicate. At first it was email and now there is chat and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where we share our thoughts and interact with friends. The world of PR has had to change accordingly and as a leading digital PR agency in France, we at Cap & Cime are helping our clients adjust to the new landscape. Websites now publish instantly to a worldwide audience and niche sites and online communities have sprung up covering every imaginable sector. Those social media sites, meanwhile, provide an incredibly powerful new platform for direct communication with customers. At Cap & Cime we see it as our job to make sure our clients benefit fully from these opportunities.

Our profile as a digital PR agency in France

Cap & Cime's work in the digital arena is built upon solid PR foundations. We have a team of over 15 consultants, some with 20 years' experience in the industry. Each member of our team has been selected because of their deep sector expertise, which builds our capabilities across many industries. As your digital PR agency in France we are small enough to be responsive to our customers but big enough to handle enterprise-wide projects. Our online offering extends across a wide range of digital services.

Working as your digital PR agency in France

Our work typically begins with a benchmarking exercise to assess your online presence. We will then discuss your goals and devise a strategy to deliver these objectives. Our services as your digital PR agency in France extend to practical areas such as web design, podcast production, editorial control and content management. We will also work towards protecting and building your e-reputation and extending your e-influence among your customers and across your industry sector.

Your digital PR agency in France and online crisis management

Even the most professional and ethical organisations occasionally find themselves experiencing negative online coverage. This can happen rapidly and as your digital PR agency in France we know that it is vital to move quickly to counter these stories. That is why we conduct a risk analysis of your business, identifying vulnerable areas and putting in place strategies to counteract them. When a crisis arises we are then able to react instantly and move the media focus onto our own agenda. In doing so we ensure that your reputation emerges intact.

Both private firms and public institutions can call Cap & Cime PR for a wide variety of services : coordinate and deal with, private and corporate customers, commercial partners and workforce, promote products and activities , but also manage crisis. Cap & Cime PR is a reference among French communication consulting agencies ; its team includes about 15 skilled public relations professionals. Cap & Cime PR has built years of expertise in public relations field can use modern technologies as effective tools to turn customers corporate vision into effective communication strategy. Cap & Cime PR experts combine mastery of influence and in-depth knowledge of key markets: new technology and innovation, art of living and mass consumption, industry and energy, services and finance.


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