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Crisis communication PR agency based in Paris

Business these days is complex. Supply chains can include many different stages and manufacturing processes can be intricate and even far removed in offshore facilities. Routes to market have multiplied too, with bricks and mortar outlets being joined with a varied online marketplace. Regulation has never been stricter. At the same time our media industry has absolutely mushroomed. There are 24 hour news channels, a plethora of digital TV channels and a voracious print media. These are joined by countless online news sites and social media like Facebook and Twitter make sure that news no longer travels fast: it is instant. If something goes wrong you can be sure that your customers will know about it very soon and in such a connected city, it is vital to have crisis PR in Paris that can handle any situation.

The importance of crisis PR in Paris

Like a machine with many moving parts, a complicated business environment means that incidents are bound to happen. We now have a media that is 'always on' with 24 hour news channels desperate for stories to fill their schedule. Sadly that means that your organisation's difficulties are going to be reported, quickly and widely. Online platforms will distribute this news instantly, worldwide. Having an agency manage your crisis PR in Paris should therefore be an integral part of your corporate communications strategy.

Working to manage your crisis PR in Paris

It may seem counterintuitive but the work to handle your crisis PR in Paris starts long before any actual incident. At Cap & Cime we will first carry out a risk analysis to assess potential points of vulnerability. Compiling this intelligence helps us to anticipate future incidents and prepare our strategy for dealing with them. One aspect of this is media training. We will certainly communicate with the media on your behalf but they will inevitably wish to speak to a senior figure in your organisation. It is therefore vital that all relevant team members are comfortable and effective in communicating to the media.

The value of good crisis PR in Paris

They say that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and just a second to destroy it. The same is true of course in business. That is why it is vital to have measures in place to deal with any situation. Time is of the essence and managing the story from the outset gives you a much greater chance of success. With professional crisis PR in Paris from Cap & Cime, your reputation is protected.

This public relations and corporate press agency’s service proposal to companies and public institutions comprises a broad range of services among which media relations management, coordination with, private and professional customers, business partners and workforce, promote products and activities and manage crisis. Cap & Cime PR is a leading French communication consulting agency employing about 15 public relations experts. Created 20 years ago, Cap & Cime PR has forged itself an excellent reputation in public relations business and hence has kept up with technological innovations to provide customers with innovative PR solutions and help them achieve the toughest objectives.


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