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Specialist in communication for corporate crisis management in France

Your corporate crisis management in France has to be handled with care in view of all the stakes. An adequate communication strategy must be implemented for avoiding bad effects on the reputation of the company. Cap & Cime PR agency is a reliable partner for taking care of the image of the companies in France.

Company crisis management, a delicate task

There are times when foreign companies in France pass through difficult phases which reasons and consequences can affect not only the proper functioning of its activities, but also discredit his fame. Whatever can be the causes of the problems, it is essential to create and deploy a “crisis unit” which mission is to find where the problems came from, to conceive and implement adapted solutions to block them at the very source if possible, and then to create needed incentives to take over the consequences.

It is also crucial that the company have a responsible of communication whom will be in charge of the piloting of the crisis communication management in France and the press relations all the time needed. Actually, maintaining or restoring the image and the fame of the firm is essential during hard times. Calling out for experts to help you is the best way to do so.

Relation presses in crisis management is to be handled with care

Whatever the problems the company has to pass through in this country, relation presses during crisis management in France have to be handled with care as it can play a major role on the sequence of events. When well took over, it can help to redress the situation and save the firm reputation. On the contrary, if it is not well taken in charge, it can send it over the edge and injure its reputation. A good management of the situation needs a good communication with the persons and institutions that can make play a role in the evolution of the case as journalists, thought leaders and also the different partners of the company. The consistency and coherence of the messages and the choice of the communication channels have strategic dimensions.

Management of the words and the structuration of the speeches, based on appropriate ideas, are necessary in order to avoid the bad effects of the crisis on the image of the firm or the fame of the institution on the public. And as the reputation is also considered by the business leaders as one the principal stakes that can discredit the firm’s image and performances, crisis management needs specific expertise and the implementation of an adequate communication strategy.

Cap & Cime PR expertise for corporate crisis management

Thanks to its 20 years of experience and its relationship of trust that is has created with the thought leaders, Cap & Cime PR agency has the needed expertise for the best management of the public relations of your company, whatever the situation. You can entrust this agency for your firm crisis management in France.

Analysis and anticipation of the stakes, management of the messages in crisis situations, choice and optimization of the channels for the crisis communication, media training: we propose tailored tools according to the situation to handle and according to your company’s activities. Our recommendations are based upon pragmatic approach and a perfect knowledge of the mechanisms of the crisis communication.


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