Cap & Cime PR is an independent PR agency which manages and defends the reputation of corporate or institutional bodies, whatever their size, be they national or international.


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Corporate communication in Paris: Cap & Cime PR agency is at your service

If you are looking for a corporate communications agency in Paris for helping you about the public relations of your company, you can call on Cap & Cime PR agency. Our team is composed with experimented specialists that can accompany you for the creation and the implementation of the communication strategy adapted to your needs and your activities.

Choose well the communication agency for your firm in France

Taking care of the fame of your firm in France is one of the most effective ways to establish relationships of trust between your company and its circle of acquaintances and interlocutors. To manage well of the relations of the company with its customers, its suppliers, his different investors and with the public will not only allow establishing its fame, but also the development of the loyalty of the present collaborators. It can also help to seduce new ones.

As it is not a very easy task, calling for a corporate communications agency in Paris or in another region where your firm is based is recommended. It is also the best solution if you want to come in France to open a branch of your firm. In order to benefit from services adapted to your needs and your goals, you better rely on the service provider’s experience. It is also the option that will insure you the best effects for the external communications strategy and campaign of your company in France.

A corporate PR agency in Paris for being next to Parisian public

Calling for a corporate communications agency in Paris is the best way to establish your image and name in this city, even if your firm is not based in the capital of France. It is also the professional to call in case of problem encountered that has harmed the image of your company.

A public relation agency first mission is to lead actions intended to maintain the brand image of the company with the public. The main targets are the consumers, the suppliers, the competitors, the employees, the different institutions who collaborate with the firm and the last and not the least, the press and media. Among the most common approaches are the press releases, the organization of conference, the exhibitions and the congresses. The best agencies are the ones which possess some experience and a step ahead in the means implemented to increase the reputation of their partners.

Cap & Cime PR, an experienced PR agency in Paris

Cap & Cime PR is a public and press relation agency specialized in corporate communications in Paris. Its core business consists in assisting the companies in the promotion of theirs activities and in their public relation strategies. We endorse the role of the press officer with the public, in particular on the Internet. We also take care of relations with the financial experts, the syndicates, the business partners, the customers or the suppliers, the media and the institutions. We give adapted recommendation and advice for decision-making and for the implementation of an effective advertising campaign. The strategy we adopted aims at increasing the visibility of the company by improving his image and by strengthening his fame from external promotion.

Our multilingual teams and or 20 years of experience in corporate public relations, added to our ability to adapt our techniques and tasks are our best assets that help us to help French and foreign companies.


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