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Corporate communications and presswork in France: opt for Cap & Cime’s service

A company’s corporate communication and presswork in France to a specialist is the best solution in view of the importance of their efficiency. For many years now, Cap & Cime PR had made the creation and the management of communication and public relations strategies its core business.

Corporate presswork and communication, complex and delicate fields

Companies’ external corporate communications in France concerns its relations with its external interlocutors in this country as the customers, the providers, commercial and financial partners, authorities as well as the press and the media. The reliability and the efficiency of the communication strategy are crucial in view of the importance of its effects on the target public.

Among the components of the external communication policy that must not be neglected, the corporate presswork is one of the most important ones. Actually, press and media no matter if they are private or public, specialized or not, are the two channels that allow proximity between the company and the consumers and its partners. These are also two of the principal means for presenting a fair picture of the reputation of your company. All these reasons must encourage the professionals and the companies to take care of their press information and their relation with the press and media specialists.

The press information and presswork, a crucial element for companies’ reputation

Press information and presswork are important for good corporate communications in France or anywhere. They can be defined as the field of the institutional communication which aim is to optimize the picture of the company by implementing adequate communication strategies. Those latter have to be conceived in order to establish and maintain its fame and reputation not only with the public, but also with its different professional interlocutors as well as with the journalists, the press and media, thought leaders and authorities.

Now that fame is considered by companies’ managers ("Exploring Strategic Risk", Deloitte et Forbes Insight report) as the first risk that can affect the performance of a company and undermine its global strategy, it is essential to implement press information and presswork adapted to this situation. The stake is however increased as we are now in the digital era, as the content sources are multiplied, as information press and e-reputation now need delicate management for achieving the objectives.

How can Cap & Come PR help you managing your corporate communications in France?

With more than 20 years of experience and a wide network of partners that the agency has created with thought leaders and institutional stakeholders, Cap & Cime PR has now a recognized expertise in the sector of corporate communications and presswork in France, as well as in public relations. Our agency has adapted its strategies and work to the technologies innovations without concession on the values and efficiency of its teams.

We propose a customization on the proposed services to the needs of the companies, Total commitment with the customers, anticipation of expectations and recommendations of long-term actions. We conceive tailored tools for the optimization of your fame and insure the success of your global communication strategy: building of high added-value messages, picture analysis, advices in influence and public affairs. Our expertise is also based on results-oriented culture that takes in account all specificities of your activities.


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